Tribute Acts & Tribute Bands

Abba - Babes

Abba - Bootleg

Abba - Fever

Abba - Revival

Abba - Riginal

Abba - Sensation

Adele - Natalie

Adele - Nikki Rae

Adele - Olivia

Adele and Whitney

Ali G

Amy Winehouse - Nicola

Amy Winehouse - Tania


Annie Lennox

Barbra Streisand

Barry White - Legacy

Barry White - Shenton

Beach Boys - Beached Boys

Beach Boys - Beachy Boys

Beatles - Born Again

Beatles - Fab Beatles

Beatles - Fab4

Beatles - Meet the Beatles

Beatles - The Cheatles

Beatles - Two Beatles

Bee Gees - Mark Barrie

Bee Gees - Stayin Alive

Beyonce - I Am Beyonce

Beyonce - Sasha Fierce

Billie Holiday

Black Eyed Peas - Peas

Black Eyed Peas - Teaz


Blues Brothers - Birmingham

Blues Brothers - Briefcase

Bob Marley & The Wailors

Bob Marley - Tann-I

Bon Jovi - Jon & Richie Experience

Bon Jovi Experience

Boy Band - Always4

Boy Band - Undivided



Bruno - A tribute to Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars - Bruno To Mars

Buble - David

Buble - Classic

Buble - James

Bublé - Kevin

Bublé - Marc

Buble - Max

Buble - Sway With Buble

Buddy Holly

Celine Dion


Cheryl Cole

Chic - B'Chic

Chic - Everybody Dance

Chic - Le Freak

Christina Aguilera - Liss

Cliff Richard

David Bowie - Pop Up Bowie

David Essex

Dean Martin

Diana Ross - Deborah

Diana Ross - Jacky

Diana Ross - Shola

Dirty Dancing

Dolly Parton - Diamond Dolly

Dolly Parton - Kelly

Dolly Parton - Sarah Jayne

Drifters - Boardwalk

Drifters - Sounds Of

Dusty Springfield - Maxine

Dusty Springfield - Tracy

Electric 80s

Ellie Goulding - Liss

Ellie Goulding - Trena

Elton - Ultimate Elton


Emeli Sande - Vicki

Engelbert Humperdinck




Four Tops - Sounds Of

Frank Sinatra - Ian

Frank Sinatra - Phil

Frank Sinatra - Steve

Frankie Valli - Frankie's Guys

Frankie Valli - Frankley Valli

Frankie Valli - Jersey 4

Frankie Valli - Jersey Boy

Frankie Valli - Ragdolls

Frankie Valli - The Other Guys

Freddie M - Stereo Queen

Freddie Mercury - Gary

Freddie Mercury - Pure Magic

Freddie Mercury - Steve

Freddie Starr

From Geri with Love

Gary Barlow - Bootleg

Gary Barlow - Dan Maines

Gene Pitney & Roy Orbison

George Benson

George Michael - Andrew

George Michael - Rob

George Michael - Robert

George Michael - Wayne

Gipsy Kings Tribute

Girlz Aloud


Hot Chocolate

Jam Tribute

James Brown

Jessie J


John Holt

John Legend - Kurtis

John Lennon

Justin Bieber

Justin Timberlake

Katy Perry

Kenny Rogers

Kings Of Leon

Kylie - Cheryl

Kylie - Monique

Kylie - Natalie

Lady Gaga - Donna

Lady Gaga - Liss

Lady Gaga - Nicola

Legends of Soul

Lionel Richie - AJ

Lionel Richie - James

Lionel Richie - Moni

Little Richard

Louis Armstrong


Luther Vandross

Madness - Badness

Madness - Complete Madness

Madness - Mostly Madness

Madness - One Step Behind

Madness - Special Kind

Madonna - By Knight

Madonna - Debbie

Madonna - Miss Madonna

Madonna - Nicola

Madonna - Tasha

Marilyn Monroe


Michael Jackson - Ben

Michael Jackson - Forever

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

MJ - Signature - BGT

Neil Diamond - Gary

Neil Diamond - Ian

Noughty Nineties


Olly Murs - Joe

Olly Murs - Rob

Olly Murs - Stuart

Olly Murs - The Olly Factor

Only One Direction

Pet Shop Boys

Peter Kay

Phil Collins

Pink - Almost Pink

Pink - Vicky

Prince - Mark Anthony

Prince - The Prince Xperience

Princes of Motown

Princes of Pop

Princess Showtime

Ratpack - Alan

Ratpack - Dean

Ratpack - Swinging Rascals

Ratpack Boys

Ratpack Is Back

Ray Charles - Kurtis

Ray Charles by Buzz D'Angelo

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ricky Martin

Rihanna - Fully Loaded

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad

Rihanna - Reloaded

Robbie - Lee

Robbie - Ollie

Robbie - Tony

Robbie W & Gary B

Rock N Roll - Legends

Rock Of Ages

Rocky Horror Show

Rod Stewart - Gary

Rod Stewart - Rock Stewart

Rolling Stones

Ronan Keating

Roy Orbison - Barry

Roy Orbison - Paul

Sam Smith - Joe

Scissor Sisters

Shakin Stevens

Shania Twain

Shirley Bassey

Simply Red

Spice Girls - Wannabe

Spice Girlz

Stevie Wonder

Take That - Could It Be Magic

Take That - Rule The World

Take That - Take On

Take That - Take@That

Take That - The Flood

Take That - The Greatest

Taylor Swift - Beth

Taylor Swift - Francesca

Taylor Swift - Xenna

The Ed Sheeran Experience

The Four D's

The Wanted & One Direction

Tina Turner - Niqi

Tina Turner - This Is Tina

Tina Turner - Totally Tina

Tom Jones - Andy

Tom Jones - Billy Lee

Tom Jones - Danny

Tom Jones - Glen Leon

UB40 - Labour Of Love

UB40 - Rats In The Kitchen