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Freestyle Fire Performance

Fire performance is a visually stunning and incredibly versatile form of performance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations it is guaranteed to turn heads and add that element of the spectacular to any event. Our fire performance team has a diverse range of skills, and can tailor their shows to meet the needs of your event. Whether you are looking for something special to greet your guests as they arrive at your venue, or something to really make your event end with a bang, these are the guys for you.

Show Options

Balls & ropes of fire are spun around the performer in a dynamic & visually stunning display

The Performer manipulates 1, 2 or 3 flaming staff. Letting off huge balls of fire in a show of incredible coordination.

Fire Breathing
The most dangerous of all fire arts, the performer breaths plumes of fire from their mouth.

Fire Eating
A feat not for the faint of heart, our performers will extinguish flaming torches using nothing but their mouths.

A demonstration of extreme coordination, the performers juggle & pass flaming clubs.

Body Burning
One of the most daring of the fire arts. Body burning is the act of running a lit fire torch along exposed areas of the body.

Fire Fans
A poised & elegant display as the performer paints pictures in the air with the flaming fans.

Fire Hoop
The Performer gracefully & skilfully manipulates a ring of fire as it encircles their entire body.

Sparkle Poi
A visually stunning show, the performer uses special poi that shower glowing sparks, creating a curtain of light.

Levi Stick
A hypnotising display, where the artist moves a seemingly floating ball of fire through the sky.

Coloured Fire
A great speciality act. Coloured fire is perfect for special events or to match that corporate branding

Free style Glow Performance

Whether fire performance isn’t suitable for your venue, or you are just looking for something a bit different to theme your event, our glow performers are guaranteed to wow every crowd. Using a wide range of equipment, our glow performers are able to paint vivid shapes and pictures in the air with light. Our glow performances are compatible with any of the standard themes, and can be incorporated into any custom costumes upon request.

Glow performances use a wide variety of different skills, that can include Poi, Staff, Double Staff, Levi Stick, Diablo, Juggling (Balls & Clubs) Glow performances are perfect for night clubs or any dark environment, where the bright contrast of the glowing and colour changing equipment really makes the performers stand out.

Audience Interaction

Glow has one major advantage over fire; it allows our performers to move in and amongst the guests at your events, performing up close and personal and involving the guests as part of the act.

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