4 Strings

Aaron Cormack

Abi Phillips

Absolute Divas

Andre Bassing

Arrindell Sisters


Baby Love


Bavarian - Bierkeller S

Bavarian - Munich Bierkeller

Bavarian - Stompers

Bavarian - Strollers


Beat Street International

Ben Drummond

Ben Stancombe

Bob Marley & The Wailors

Bob Marley - Tann-I

Bobby Woods

Bongo Eddie

Brothers Of Soul

Capital Groove

Chic - Everybody Dance

Chromatic Band

Club Classics live

Cornerstone Gospel Choir

Da Dans

Dancers - Funki Feathers

Danielle Grace Williams

Danni Mayers

Dave Largie

David Lawrence

David Taylor

Dean Martin - Alan

Dean Stansby

Debbie Miles

Dennis Seaton

Des Coleman

Detroit Magic

Detroit Rhythm Boys

Diane Shaw

Divas of Soul

Dr Teeth

Dream Girl

Drifters - Boardwalk

Drifters - Sounds Of

Dukebox Pop!

Flamenco - Ana

Flaming Firemen

Four Tops - Sounds Of

Frank Sinatra - Ian

Frank Sinatra - Phil

Frank Sinatra - Steve

Freddie Lee Peterkin

Gemma Louise Doyle

Glitter Dolls

Greg Steven


Harpist - Amanda Whiting

Harpist - Christina Rhys

Harpist - Michelle Dalton

Harpist - Rita Schindler

House Jammerz

Il Davos

Irish - Celtic Clan

Irish - Dublin Jacks

Irish - Party Celtica

Itchy feet

James Williams

Jamie & The First Class

Jamie Knight

Jay Harrison

Jive Aces

John Holt - Lee


Kate Loveridge

Keri Whip

Kiera B


Kirk Ensor

Kurtis Ray

Latin - Andalus Band

Le Jazz Hot Duo

Legends of Soul

Leroy Small

Liss Jones

Little Miss Keys

Lorraine Thompson

Loz Rabone

Luther Vandross - Harry


Madness - Badness

Madness - Complete Madness

Madness - Mostly Madness

Madness - One Step Behind

Madness - Special Kind

Maggie O’Hara

Mark Andrew Smith

Marks Brothers

Matt Phillips

Matthew Long

Maxine Mazumder

Megan Cleary

Midnight Soul Sisters

Midnight Swing - Nicola Marie

Ministry of Soul

Miss Fortunes

Mood Indigo

Mother Popcorn

Motown Devotions

Mr President - 80s

Natalie McGrath

Natalie Nightingale

Natural Blu

Neil Greenway

Nell Amore

Nicola Marie

Nu Soul Generation

Olivia Leigh


Peter Sarsfield



Princes of Motown


Ratpack - Dean

Ratpack - Legends of Swing

Ratpack - Ratpack Boys

Ratpack - Ratpack Is Back

Ratpack - Swinging Rascals

Reggae Magic

Richie Sampson

Rock n Roll - The Jukebox Jets

Rock Of Ages

Rox Elektra

Sam Newman

Saxophonist - Andy Gayle

Saxophonist - Casey Greene

Scott Wilkes

Shola Kaye


Silk Street

Ska - 2 Much 2 Young

Ska For Life

Solid Groove Foundation

Soul Brothers

Soul Kinda Wonderful

Soul Legend

Souled Out 2 Funk


SoulTown Collective

Sound Wave Band

Steel Band - Maestros

Steel Band - Mr Panmaestro

Steve Farmer

Stirling Austin Band

Sunshine Kings

Suzi Lauder

Suzi Woods


The Black Hat Band

The Brass Volcanoes

The Core Band

The Decades Band

The Dee Tees

The Dreamettes

The Four D's

The Four Tones

The Funky Ducks

The Gillettes

The Glam Rocks

The Junos

The Krayz

The Krystaletts

The Lady & The Sax

The Noughties

The Realistics

The Sensations

The Soul Survivors

The Soundations

The Soundations

The Zoots

Tina Law

Tracey Quinn


Two Piece Temple

UB40 - Labour Of Love

UB40 - Rats In The Kitchen

Violinist - Put A Bow On It

Violinist - Verena


Voices with Soul